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Welcome, and thank you for visiting our site. We work in partnership with this oil painting art gallery OverstockArt, which offers a wide range of oil painting reproductions, oil paintings and canvas paintings. All the artworks that they offer are reasonably priced and of the highest quality, and you can be assured of finding the painting that suits your budget and your tastes. Feel free to visit their website, to browse the inventory of museum quality oil paintings available.

A quality and well chosen work of art can often go a long way towards improving the atmosphere of an office, workplace or home, and our site offer suggestions on how to do that. Our site also offer tips and suggestions on what to look for in a work of art, and caters to those who have a genuine interest in the subject, including professionals, amateurs and anyone else who enjoys good art. Below are some of the reviews that we’ve written about our partners art galleries.


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Review About OverstockArt Gallery

Spring into Summer Decor Event

In the year 2002, David and Stacy Sasson started their own home business and website known as OverstockArt Gallery. The Sassons’ early business began as a tiny art collection consisting of handmade oil painting reproductions of art masterpieces by famous classical artists. David and Stacy began to sell these handmade oil painting reproductions directly from their home located in the suburbs of Kansas.

By the year 2005, the Sassons’ art gallery had grown a great deal, due to their strong and unceasing efforts at creating beautiful oil paintings and their basic understanding of the essence of their business. The company had grown so greatly that they were no longer able to operate their business out of their house and needed to find a larger building in which to house their paintings.

Stacy and David Sasson relocated to Rock Road Street, which is close to the Bradley Fair shopping mall, and they turned a warehouse into the headquarters of their business, which by now included several staff members.

During this same time period in which OverstockArt Gallery was in the process of becoming an extremely successful business, a huge influx of Impressionist art from other countries was being sold at various auction houses as well as upscale art galleries.

This event was a major chance for a small business to become successful in their specialized art niche consisting of beautiful oil painting reproductions of art masterpieces. This same tradition continues today, and their online art collection consists of a vast array of handmade oil paintings and deluxe frames.

The oil painting reproductions sold at Overstockart.com include paintings by a wide variety of well-known artists representing different styles of art, ranging from reproductions of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings to reproductions by Leonardo da Vinci. Individuals who wish to start their own art collections have a wide variety of classical artwork from which to choose.

Throughout the years, OverstockArt Gallery has been, and still is, a business that is run by persons who are themselves artists and who love art.

OverstockArt Gallery is more than a mere business; it consists of artists who prefer to live their lives surrounded by paintings they deeply admire and by individuals who equally admire their artwork.

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